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  • The Republic of Congo has had a multiparty political system since the early 1990's.
  • The United States of America has supported Congolese democratization efforts, by contributing aid to the country's electoral process.
  • The voting age in the Republic of Congo is 18 years.
  • The Republic of Congo is a Presidential Republic whereby the President acts as both Head of State and Head of the Government.
  • The new constitution (adopted by referendum in 2002), established a seven year presidential term and a bicameral national parliament.
  • President Denis SASSOU N'GUESSO, was democratically elected in 2009 for a seven year term.
  • In October 2015, a referendum was organized and a new constitution was adopted.
  • President Denis SASSOU N'GUESSO was democratically elected in March 2016 for a five year term.


The Republic of Congo’s new constitution was adopted on January 20th, 2002 in a nationwide referendum. The government is made of 3 branches, which include:

- The Executive branch headed by the President, who is the Chief of State (Le Chef de l’Etat), Head of the Government and Commander-in-chief;

- The Legislative branch is bicameral. It is made up of a Senate and a National Assembly. The main task of both bodies is to make laws and recommend new laws. The House of Senate consists of 72 seats whereby members are elected by indirect vote and for a 5 year term. In contrast, the National Assembly is made up of 137 seats whereby members are elected by popular vote for a 5 year term;

- The Judiciary branch is headed by the Supreme Court. It is chaired by the President of the Supreme Court, who leads the judicial branch. It is the highest court in civil, commercial, social or criminal and administrative cases in the country. It has the ability to quash the judgments of inferior courts, if those courts misapplied law.


Presidential Decree No. 2021-301 of May 15th, 2021 under the proposal of the Head of the Government, were appointed the following Members of Government:
  1. Minister of State, Minister of Civil Service, of Labor and Social Security: Mr. Firmin AYESSA ;
  2. Minister of State, Minister of Commerce, of Supplies and Consumption: Mr. Alphonse Claude NSILOU ;
  3. Minister of State, Minister of Mining Industries and Geology: Mr. Pierre OBA ;
  4. Minister of State, Minister of Land Affairs and Public Domain : Mr Pierre MABIALA ;
  5. Minister of Territorial Management, of Infrastructures and Road Maintenance: Mr. Jean Jacques BOUYA
  6. Minister of State Supervision, of Public Service Quality and Fight against anti-values in the Public Administration: Mr. Jean Rosaire IBARA
  7. Minister of National Defense : Mr. Charles Richard MONDJO;
  8. Minister of Security and Public Order: Mr. Raymonde Zephirin MBOULOU;
  9. Minister of Foreign Affairs, of the Francophonie and of the Congolese Diaspora :: Mr. Jean Claude GAKOSSO;
  10. Minister of Agriculture, of Breeding and Fisheries : Mr. Paul Valentin NGOBO
  11. Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio : Mr. Rigobert Roger ANDELY ;;
  12. Minister of Hydrocarbons: Mr. Bruno Jean Richard ITOUA
  13. Minister of Communication and Media, Government’s Spokesperson: Mr. Thierry Lezin MOUNGALA ;
  14. Minister of Special Economic Zones and Economic Diversification: Mr. Emile OUOSSO ;
  15. Minister of Transportation, Civil Aviation and Merchant Shipping: Mr. Jean Marc THYSTERE TCHIKAYA
  16. Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Promotion of the Indigeneous Population: Mr. Ange Aimé BININGA ;
  17. Minister of the Economy, Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration: Mrs. Ghislaine Ingrid EBOUKA BABAKAS ;
  18. Minister of Territorial Management, Decentralization and Local Development: Mr. Guy Georges MBAKA ;
  19. Minister of Construction, Urbanism and Habitat : Mr. Josué Rodrigues NGOUONIMBA;
  20. Minister of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Congo Basin : Mrs. Arlette Soudan NONAULT ;
  21. Minister of the Forestry Economy: Mrs. Rosalie MATONDO ;
  22. Minister of Health and Population: Mr. Gilbert MOKOKI
  23. Minister of International Cooperation, and Promotion of the Public-Private Partnership: Mr. Denis Christel SASSOU NGUESSO
  24. Minister of Energy and Water Supplies : Mr. Honoré NSAYI ;
  25. Minister of Youth and Sports, Civic Education, Professional Training and Employment: Mr. Hugues NGOUELONDELE ;
  26. Minister of Industrial Development and Promotion of the Private Sector : Mr Nicéphore Antoine Thomas FILLA SAINT EUDES ;
  27. Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, of Craftmanship and Informal Sector: Mrs. Jacqueline Lydia MIKOLO ;
  28. Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation : Mrs. Edith Delphine EMMANUEL née ADOUKI
  29. Minister of Preschool Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education and Literacy : Mr. Jean Luc MOUTHOU ;
  30. Minister of Vocational and Professional Education : Mr. Ghislaine Thierry MAGUESSA EBOME
  31. Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy : Mr. Léon Juste IBOMBO
  32. Minister of Tourism and Leisure : Mrs. Destinée Hermela DOUKAGA ;
  33. Minister of Culture and Arts : Mr. Dieudonné MOYONGO
  34. Minister of Social Affairs and Humanitarian Action : Mrs. Irène Marie Cécile MBOUKOU KIMBATSA née GOMA
  35. Minister of the Women’s Affairs and Integration of Women in Development : Mrs. Ines Nefer Bertille INGANI.
  36. Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of State Reforms: Mr. Joseph Luc OKIO
  37. Minister Delegate to the Ministry of Finance, and Budget in charge of Budgetary Affairs : Mr. Ludovic NGATSE
National Assembly
President: Honorable Isidore MVOUBA
Palais des Congrès, Brazzaville
Tel: +242 22 281 0414
Email: contact@assemblee-national.cg 
President: Venerable Pierre NGOLO
Address: BP 2642 Brazzaville
Tel: +242 22 281 0018 / +242 06 668 9453
Constitutional Court
President: Auguste ILOKI
Vice-President : Pierre PASSI
Address : Boulevard Alfred Raoul
BP 543 Brazzaville
Tel : +242 22 283 01 32
Fax : +242 22 281 18 28
Email: courconstitutionnelle@yahoo.fr
The High Court of Justice
President: Placide LENGA
Vice-President: Theophile ADOUA
Tel: +242 22 281 45 17
Fax: +242 22 281 18 30
Council of Economic and Social Affairs
President: Jean Marie TASSOUA
Address : Avenue Alfred Fourneau ( Ex Trésor)
BP 1064 Brazzaville
Email: ces.congo@yahoo.fr
High Council of Freedom of Communication
President: Philippe MVOUO
Address: Palais des Congrès-Brazzaville
Tel: +242 06 668 9349 / +242 05 368 7371
National Commission on Human Rights
President: Mr. Jean Martin MBEMBA
Address: Immeuble-ex messe des sous officiers
Face Ministère de la Défense Nationale
Tel: +242 22 281 2115
Supreme Court
President: Henri Bouka
Attorney General : Michel Oniangue
Vice-President :
Address: Palais de Justice
BP 597 Brazzaville
Email: ndallaa@yahoo.fr
The Court of Auditors and Budgetary Discipline
President: Jean-Marie OLANDZOBO
Address: Rue Lastour
BP 131102 Centre-Ville Brazzaville
Tel: +242 22 281 5756 / +242 06 939 4896
Fax: +242 22 281 1660

Any formal letter addressed to one of these institutions in the Republic of Congo should be sent to:

Embassy of the Republic of Congo
General Information Department
1720 16th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
Tel: 202 726 5500 / 202 986 5740
Fax: 202 726 1860
Email: info@ambacongo-us.org

Important Notice: Once your letter is received, it will be transmitted to the named institutions in the Republic of Congo.

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