The flag of the Republic of Congo, which comprises Pan-African colors (green, yellow and red) was approved on August 18th, 1959 by the Legislative Assembly. The flag became official on September 15th, 1959 and did not change after independence. However, from December 1969 to the early 1990’s, a red flag was used because the Republic of Congo became a socialist country. After the transition to a multiparty election system and a market oriented economy in the early 1990’s, the newly appointed regime reverted to the original national flag on June 10th, 1991.

The current Congolese flag is divided diagonally and is made up of a yellow, green and red band. Each color symbolizes a geographical or historical aspect of the Republic of Congo. The yellow band represents friendship and the nobility of the Congolese people while the green band represents the agriculture and rich forests of Congo. The red color is associated with blood to symbolize the struggle of independence.

The National Anthem of the Republic of Congo is known as “La Congolaise.” It was adopted in 1959 and the lyrics were composed by Jacques Tondra and Georges Kibanghi, while the music was composed by Jean Royer and Joseph Spadiliere. However, from 1970-1991, the socialist regime in power replaced “La Congolaise,” with “Les Trois Glorieuses.” The lyrics of “Les Trois Glorieuses” were written by famous Congolese author and current Ambassador of the Republic of Congo in France, Henri Lopes. La Congolaise was re-adopted in 1991 at the end of the socialist regime.

La Congolaise

En ce jour le soleil se lève
Et notre Congo resplendit.
Une longue nuit s'achève,
Un grand bonheur a surgi.
Chantons tous avec ivresse
Le chant de la liberté.

Congolais, debout fièrement partout,
Proclamons l'union de notre nation,
Oublions ce qui nous divise,
soyons plus unis que jamais,
Vivons pour notre devise:
Unité, travail, progrès!
Vivons pour notre devise:
Unité, travail, progrès!

Des forêts jusqu'à la savanne,
Des savannes jusqu'à la mer,
Un seul peuple, une seule âme,
Un seul coer, ardent et fier,
Luttons tous, tant que nous sommes,
Pour notre vieux pays noir. (Chorus)

Et s'il nous faut mourir, en somme
Qu'importe puisque nos enfants,
Partout, pourront dire comme
On triomphe en combattant,
Et dans le moindre village
Chantent sous nos trois couleurs. (Chorus)

On this day the sun rises
And our Congo stands resplendent.
A long night is ended,
a great happiness has come.
Let us all, with wild joyfulness, sing
The song of freedom.

Arise, Congolese, proud every man,
Proclaim the unity of our nation.
Let us forget what divides us
And become more united than ever.
Let us live our motto:
Unity, work, progress.
Let us live our motto:
Unity, work, progress!

From the forest to the bush,
From the bush to the ocean,
One people, one soul,
One heart, ardent and proud.
Let us all fight, every one of us,
For our black country. (Chorus)

And if we have to die,
What does it really matter? Our children
Everywhere will be able to say how
Triumph comes through battle,
And in the smallest village
Sing beneath our three colours. (Chorus)




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